Lincoln Bookbindery

I was waiting at a red light while running errands with the kids this afternoon when I got an e-mail from Lincoln Bookbindery letting me know my order was ready for pick-up. I hung a right and headed straight to the shop.

I was a wee bit excited. I decided a while ago that this book was a work of love intended for the kids’ eyes only, and then set to figuring out the best way to produce and preserve it for them. I found Lincoln Bookbindery during a late-night web search tangent, and they were a pleasure to work with.

When I walked in, owner Christopher Hohn gave me a wink and joked about how quickly I’d popped in after getting the notification e-mail. Then he handed me the three copies of the novel, and I had to fight simultaneous urges to skip and cry. “Suddenly” (after weeks of writing, months of rest, and weeks of revision) my manuscript was a real book. I told Chris I was hooked. “We’re enablers for bibliophiles,” he said.

I’m inclined to agree–I’m already thinking about the next project I can do with the wonderful shop. And Tedra’s blank books are so gorgeous, I’m looking for an excuse to order one.

A toast to fine craftsmanship and small businesses doing heartfelt work.

The kids were surprised and impressed, and have been reading all afternoon and evening (green for him, pink for her, grey for me).

8 thoughts on “Lincoln Bookbindery

  1. solipherus says:


    Those look DEELISHUS.

    *swoon* I would love to learn how to bind books… just for myself…

    I’m not sure they (whether making or ordering) would work as well for me at con tables though; people browsing through gravitate toward smaller lower priced items. Bookmarks/buttons/stickers/$5 paperbacks tend to do great. Although it’s been a while since I’ve run a table, environment may have totally changed for all I know wow I’m off topic the point is…

    Bound books…. Are So Delicious… Do Want.

    1. B.L.W. Myers says:

      And that’s just a simple, straightforward hardcover binding! I highly recommend them–the shop is full of examples of really creative, unique work, and Chris and Tedra love what they do.

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