After all, reading is arguably a far more creative and imaginative process than writing; when the reader creates emotion in their head, or the colors of the sky during the setting sun, or the smell of a warm summer’s breeze on their face, they should reserve as much praise for themselves as they do for the writer – perhaps more.
—Jasper Fforde

I hold firm that fiction in the form of the printed word is still the most immediate and penetrating way to understand what it is to be another person. And reading a novel is still the loveliest way to both lose yourself and access your own best self.
—Jane Hamilton

A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read.
—Mark Twain

We read books to find out who we are. What other people, real or imaginary, do and think and feel…is an essential guide to our understanding of what we ourselves are and may become.
—Ursula Le Guin

All good books are alike in that they are truer than if they had really happened.
—Ernest Hemingway

All readers come to fiction as willing accomplices to your lies. Such is the basic goodwill contract made the moment we pick up a work of fiction.
—Steve Almond

A university is just a group of buildings gathered around a library.
—Shelby Foote

A library is infinity under a roof.
—Gail Carson Levine

I like reading because it’s for victory.
—my son, age 7

I like reading because I know the words and it makes me smart.
—my daughter, age 5

How about you?

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