Pleasant Updates

My short story “Of Service” can be found in the current issue of Nth Degree–if you like robots, I think you’ll like the piece. And if you don’t like robots (what?!), I still think you’ll like the piece.

And if you don’t like the piece–hey, at least it was short.

I’ve completed the current draft of my novel, and am letting it rest for a bit before my research trip to Amsterdam in the spring. This will be my second trip to the city of canals, and I’m open to suggestions if there’s a person, place, or event you think I should check out.

I’m beta-reading a novel by one of my writing group Freunde, and I’m enjoying it; if you haven’t done so already, do yourself a favor and read a fellow writer’s clean WIP from top to bottom, and feel good about the company you keep.

13 thoughts on “Pleasant Updates

    1. B.L.W. Myers says:

      Totally thought of you when I typed that 🙂

      I’m starting an MA program here next semester, and will be doing a good deal of official language study (improving Swedish, gaining Nederlanders) as a part of my coursework, and am hoping to work on some side interests (improving my Spanish, trying French) over the next two years, as well.

      I’m currently taking a beginning German course, and I like to imagine myself, ~5 years from now, popping into Switzerland and getting by on half-remembered German and decent French. Oh, and visiting Montreal and only making a slight fool of myself.

        1. B.L.W. Myers says:

          I wanted a sparseness that encouraged reading between the lines, because despite the subject matter, I wanted the story to be “clean.” When I was arranging the bones, I realized one way to accomplish this was making the dialogue prominent and the narration perfunctory.

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