Literary #livetweet

Last night, I was struck with a fantastically ridiculous idea: I’m going to live-tweet reading Keyhole Factory. I picked up the book this month at the book launch party. I went to the party for the wine and the possibility of cake. After listening to the author read an excerpt, I couldn’t not buy it. And the wine and cake were also really good: it was a winning evening overall.

Why live-tweet reading a book, which should be a solitary, reflective act? Because I’m tired of reading in a vacuum. I love talking about what I’m reading, so I’ll throw my thoughts into the void of the Twitterverse.

The book’s in chapters, but the chapters don’t have titles (pictures instead, like Luminarium). It’s written somewhat as a group of interconnected vignettes, so I imagine it’ll read a bit like a short story collection. I’m a pretty quick reader, but I make no promises regarding how long it’ll take me to make my way through Keyhole Factory, as I’m also reading Game of Thrones right now (and loving it, by the way), editing my own short story collection, working on a blasted personal statement, and finishing that MG novel that won’t go away.

But I’ll start tonight, around 9pm CST. @LiterateBeast

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