Open on a writer

Open on a writer writing furiously on a tiny, outdated laptop or in a pocket-sized green unlined notebook or into a miniscule cell phone screen.

Fast-forward to her printing manuscripts, double-sided two pages to a page, red pen in hand looping furiously against the draft.

Slow motion on her uploading her rich text file, crafting her cover letter, submitting, adding to her growing tracking spreadsheet.

Pan to her ignoring her e-mail in an anxious, not-so-casual manner.

Zoom in on her checking her e-mail, seeing an address she recognizes, reading the form rejection, filing the communication away.

Zoom out on her updating the spreadsheet.


Cut to her wondering if there might be a better way to go about this.

Tight shot on her setting fire to the old method and forging a new one from the ashes, all phoenix about it.

Wide shot on her feeling renewed excitement and vigor.


End scene.

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