Becoming “well-read”

I read quite a lot. I always have. And I read even more now that I am working harder and harder on my own writing. I love adding recommendations from friends and fellow readers to my reading list. I try to mix old classics with new classics with future classics. The more I read, the better I can understand and define what I like, and the better my writing becomes.

I read this article today on NPR’s “Monkey See” blog (The Sad, Beautiful Fact That We’re All Going to Miss Almost Everything), and I felt at once saddened and inspired. I will miss so much, but what am I missing by choice? Now I’m tempted to delve into foreign lit–I’ll need English translations because I’m far from multilingual, but the potential difference in style and content is intriguing. I’ve barely scratched the surface of films, and though my music tastes are pretty diverse, could they be even more so?

I’m working to eliminate the waste from my days and fill them with more purpose and more art. I might not be able to consume it all, but I’ll enjoy becoming more well-read and multifaceted while I try.

How about you?

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